Google Talk – IM for the Masses

This week we review Google Talk. Google talk is a free service offered by Google for Voice over IP and instant messaging. That means you can message people and talk to them live over the internet. And it works and inter-operates with a ton of platforms. All you need is a gmail account. But how is the quality? Do you need a microphone? Will it work on my restricted IT enviroment? Find out all this and more. TRT: 5:00 min

– David Neff

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  1. So it happens I set up a G-mail account to take care of heavy lifting such as photos and podcast files. Too much for the office e-mail. So David Neff and I had a GTalk chat, sort of Dave-to-Dave. I think G-mail and G-Talk are viable toolsIt’s a way to communicate using the equipment and network you’re already paying for.

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