Google Calendar

That's right. Google has just launched it's new calendar application. This is another really sweet Web based app from Google and best of all it's free. All you need in an invitation. But how does it work? How do you set up meetings? How does it alert you to events? Can you share your Calendar with others? Find out all this and more in today podcast. TRT: 4:30

– David Neff

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  1. Good information, David. Most people probably still think Google is just a search company. Really they are putting out literally dozens of tools for personal or professional productivity. I’d like to see a work group look at what productuvity gains they could make by utilizing Google apps threaded together. No doubt that’s what Google is dreaming of and Microsoft is dreading. “Google life.” But I think that cobbling together Google and web 2.0 apps is potentially a significant enhancement to our way of working.

  2. I agreee. We need to get you on Google Talk after you listen to this weeks review. Not even your IT dept can stop you on this one! =)