Get them while their young

File-Sharing Is, Like, Totally Uncool

Good little article here on Org. Change. Looks like the RIAA and the MPAA aren’t just content suing people anymore, they want to affect change in our schools. It’s sad to me that the ACS has trouble getting students to eat 5-a-day but yet the MPAA is now filling their heads with this. The point of the program, says MPAA spokesperson Rich Taylor, is for “students to reach their own conclusions about being a good digital citizen.” The real point, of course, is to protect Hollywood from the fate of the record industry.

While the music business has already suffered from file-sharing, the film industry has so far been largely unaffected. In fact, according to an Adams Media Research report, Hollywood has seen revenue rise 27 percent in the same four-year period that the recording industry went into free fall. So consider this a preemptive attack, a giant guilt trip on the file-sharing public. Compared to the recording industry’s strategy to sue everyone in sight, “What’s the Diff?” seems downright enlightened.