Gadgeteer looks at the "plague"

Since the ACS recent venture into virtual worlds for Relay For Life, I have been curious about this. I found this interesting story today in Wired Blogs Gadgeteer, so check it out!

The story goes, "In a bizarre case of art imitating life, players of the Blizzard Entertainment game World of Warcraft suddenly found themselves dying from a mysteriously rampant plague that ravaged their virtual world. Eventually the game’s administrators came up with a "spell" to cure the plague and managed to distribute it to the players en masse. But the legacy of Corrupted Blood remains. While software viruses are nothing new, Corrupted Blood is unique in that it’s the first such infection ever to spread through a virtual environment without being deployed by malicious intent. It was, in a certain sense, naturally occuring in its environment. You might even say it evolved and sought self-propagation, just as any lifeform would do."

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  1. No I won’t for blizzards are not suppose to be humans. I guess man evaluated ’em and they are much in control of ours as to how do we define their shape.