Future of monetizing content

This story about managing the "digital living room" looks interesting in this TechWeb article: "Hollywood is deathly afraid of the possibilities that new technology offers consumers, and this is going to dramatically impact Apple’s ability to deliver the same experience in the living room that it has on the iPod. ‘Companies in dominant positions are generally afraid of disruptive technologies, and today’s content producers are no exception,’ says Fred von Lohman, a senior staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation. ‘Such products tend to reorganize markets, and turn today’s leaders into tomorrow’s has beens.’ That being the case, the vision of consumers being able to access, copy, and move commercial content that they’ve legally purchased however they choose, is currently wildly optimistic. ‘The system for monetizing content is not yet in place,’ says Joe Marchese, head of the online practice group at Bainbridge Inc., a research firm. ‘Consumers need to be able to store, repurpose, move around, and share their personal media, or the digital living room simply won’t happen. Yet the new media value chain has not yet worked out a process that works for everyone concerned.’"

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  1. Hello:

    Interesting article.

    Companies need not be afraid and feel threatened by emergent innovative technologies which may disrupt their market shares.

    All they have to do should be to focus on improving and innovating their own products and making their customer services more responsive and better.

    The customer services of most large corporations are horrible and their ads are very deceptive and manipulative.

    These are important areas they have to worry about and work on to improve.


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