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Polyp Man in your Hotmail?

Looks like our Polyp Man is no stranger to the Internet. Look what I saw (along with millions of others) as I opened my Hotmail this morning.

It appears that through the Ad Council or our Communications Dept we have bought some
banner ad space to reach people during Colon Cancer month. Good work I say and keep it up!
And of course using our ever present friend Google to gauge popularity, when you type in
“Ployp Man” there are over 27,000 links related to our little red mascot.

Looks like when you click on the banner ad it even takes you to the little red guy’s home page.

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  1. Hey, if the pope can send a message of the day, why not Polyp Man? And a blog! Ah, I’m not even sure I want to go there…

  2. David,
    Any idea when I posted that image why the text lines are all messed up? I couldn’t format it for the life of me.