Duke to give Ipods to Freshmen

Ipods for All

Wow, looks like it’s time for me to re-enroll in college. Check out this story in which Duke is giving Ipods to incoming freshman. The iPods will be preloaded with such Duke-related content as information about orientation and the academic calendar; students also can download faculty-provided course content…….lucky punks…

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  1. Yah, so the question is: Is the iPod a channel for communicating with a young, music-oriented constituency?

  2. Oh yeah, in my mind that is a given. The popularity of this device is amazing. Now it can’t really display as much information as, say your normal HP PDA, but it does provide a good way to keep your contacts in order and other basic PIM info. This is the other intresting info, although no link was given….

    Through a special Duke Web site modeled on the Apple iTunes site, students also can download faculty-provided course content, including language lessons, music, recorded lectures and audio books.

  3. I am off Vancouver Island on the Regal Princess.
    I have had nothing to do with IPODS.


  4. Oh, I thought you were picking up the tab, Ed. Glad you clarified that.

  5. More iPod news, or–in this case–peePod news. From the BBC http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/3919973.stm)

    A free interactive guide to public conveniences, appropriately called pPod, offers audio and text information on their whereabouts, opening hours, facilities and cleanliness.

    ‘Lovely clean mirrors’

    At present pPod users have access to 114 reviews of central London toilets, but its creators, Nykris, say it could be extended to other cities.

    The pPod makes use of the iPod’s text facilities which, Mr Read says, are “under-exploited”.

    “It does audio extremely well, but given that it has a screen and it’s easy to make interactive experiences with that, nobody really seems to be making the most of it.”

  6. Ha, A Text Field huh? I would love to see how our Cancer Screening Recommendations look on a IPOD?

    Anyone know just how “interactive” the screen can get? I mean can you have drop down lists and multiple choice texts? Hmm….