Do you 501 Tech?

Well do you? If your reading this blog and interested in Non-Profits, Causes and Technology then you should. 501 Tech Club is a group of people who meet once a month (or more) to talk about non-profits and technology. If you didn’t know it I have a secret to share..there are a lot of non-profit people into tech. Non-profits sometimes lead the way at picking up open source technology, identity standards and new forms of media. Everything from Ruby on Rails to OpenID. So why not take a second and find out when the next 501 Tech Club meeting is in your area?

Also we are working on a second meeting of the Austin 501 Tech to be held at Jelly every month. Can you say non-profit co-working?

If you are in Austin we meet the third Monday of every month here.

Austin Free-Net
2209 Rosewood Ave
Austin, TX 78702

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  1. I’m looking forward to Jelly + 501 Tech Club! Will be good stuff. 🙂 The RSVP page for May 30th is up here:

  2. Yes it’s a match made in heaven. Thanks for Dusty for helping us make it happen!

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