Count Calories on the Go

Wired News: Count Calories on the Go.

Nice little article from Wired about how the most popular dieting brands are now weighing in with calorie counters and nutritional guides designed for personal digital assistants and combination PDA-mobile phones.

Weight Watchers International released a program this week for Palm-based gadgets that works hand-in-hand with the company’s online services. It helps record a dieting disciple’s progress, eliminates the need for carrying a weekly logbook and shrinks the 25,000-item food database that normally fits into a two-inch-thick reference book into a pocketable gizmo.

Hmm looks like our own C-Tools BMI Calculator could pick up some momentum off this….

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  1. So when do we get the “smart menus” that are like the RFID name tags mentioned by Randy in the next post? Pick your entre by consulting you Palm.