Coming to NTC? Real Men wear Aprons

Hey Gang,

I am going all out at NTC this year! Not only am I speaking at two great panels I will also be live tweeting the conference and be hanging out in the Ridgewood : Ingenious Communications Booth. So please if you read this blog, follow my tweets or think I give value to this community come say hello! Also don’t forget to tell me the difference in aprons I am wearing from my NTEN video to the panel to win a prize!

The two panels I am on are:

The Art of Aligning Social Media Strategy With Communications Strategy

To be used effectively, Social Media needs to be aligned with and integrated into your organizations communications strategy. Come hear from this panel of experienced nonprofit communication specialists about just how to accomplish this integration.

The Real Housewives of Social Media

You’ve heard the buzz around how nonprofit organizations and corporations are using social media for social good. Now hear from the “real housewives of social media” who are driving successful online campaigns, as well as others who are helping lead the social media revolution.


  1. IM IN UR WRKSHP STLKN U! (Heh.) See you soon, Dave.

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