Cnet Covers Metaverse Roadmap Summit

Daniel Terdiman penned a descriptive writeup of the Metaverse Roadmap Summit in yesterdays ZDnet / Cnet article titled Mapping a Path for the 3-D web.
As a whole the Metaverse Roadmapping summit was really just chock full
of big thinkers trying to wrap their heads around a project that will
have long lasting impacts on our society in the future. A number of the
participants in my groups (Mark Wallace, Esther Dyson, Betsy Book) were content to give and challenge scenarios as well as social and economic implications of the Metaverse. 

I believe that the overall creativity of the group is what will lead ASF
to create an amazing document overview of the metaverse project.  As
far as Esther Dyson and the Kool-Aid comment … a number of
participants were skeptical of drafting "The Official Metaverse
Dictum." We were not there to offer an oracle statement with directions
ultimatums.  We were theer to think about implications, and scenatious
and craft visions of what could be with the technology.

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