Another day, another Google thing

What would the day be without something new from Google? Actually, this time it’s four new gimmicks:
Google Co-op: lets users tag and categorize web pages (perhaps socialistic)
Google Notebook: evidently coming next week, reported to allow simple clipping of things from web pages
Google Desktop: updated with new features such as "gadgets" that let you add functions to your page like weather, etc
Google Trends: graphs the number of times a search has been used and links to specific references

For you "dashboard" and metric freaks let me focus on Google Trends. If you put in my favorite search term, "Relay For Life", you get the following graph for 2004-06.


Ah, the rhythm of Relay. If you select "2006" from the drop-down on the upper right corner you get:


Another interesting thing is that it graphs in descending order the localities where these queries came from. So for the 2006 Relay data you get:

So for organizations it’s a kind of data mining tool to look at chatter in Google-space about things of interest. I leave it to the reader to figure out what it all means.

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