Metaverse Roadmap summit

Saturday was day two of the Metaverse Roadmap summit and the
brains were churning.  The invitee list is chock-full of A-listers in a
number of different circles.  There are academics like Ted Castranova,
social activists like Ethan Zuckerman and Esther Dyson, game designers like
Randy Farmer and a host of others.

We are collectively engaged in a two day futuring activity in environmentally
scanning and scenario building based on the next 10 years of Metaverse
evolution.  The roadmap is going to be a document that we hope sets some
future predictions and gives very broad guestemations of what the Metaverse
could do and fulfill in the near and far future. 

By enhancing the quality of personal interactivity and making the interactions
more realistic, the Metaverse my have long lasting social trend
implications.  We are talking with game designers and sociologists and
trying to predict these trends.  The intellectual activity is startling
and the discussions are really world class.