Cleveland Clinic plans medical innovation summit

Here is an interesting form of social networking – bring key leaders in healthcare to your doorstep to talk about innovation (including venture investors). It helps if you’re the Cleveland Clinic.

This year’s Medical Innovation Summit, planned for October, is the third summit of the Cleveland Clinic. The past two years it focused on cardiology, but this year it is looking at orthopaedics.

The web site says, "The Cleveland Clinic will be the site of an unprecedented, international gathering of decision makers from throughout the health care sector. The 2005 Medical Innovation Summit: Bench to Bedside and Back will convene CEOs from industry, providers, government, and venture investors.

"This year’s Summit will place particular emphasis on orthopaedic innovations. Additionally, the 2005 Summit will feature a cardiovascular update from the 2004 Summit. With the Cleveland Clinic ranked as one of the nation’s top five orthopaedic programs and ranked as the No. 1 heart center by U.S. News & World Report, the Summit promises a unique perspective on these critically important issues."

The meeting web site says that summit attendees will include top-level industry executives, entrepreneurs, investors, innovation leaders, and clinicians. The Summit will provide unique perspectives on the cutting-edge technologies and economic issues shaping medicine today.

The Cleveland Clinic says the meeting "will be an unprecedented gathering of stakeholders from every aspect of the health care industry."

Positioning a meeting with this kind of bold promotional language makes you want to take a closer look to see if something innovative really does come of it – let’s see what kind of substance comes from this gathering!

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