Can Social Media Sell my House? – Part Six

::Editor’s Note: This is part of my ongoing series of posts as I try and sell my house "The Social Media Way"::

So my house is now officially on a couple of Social Networks. Think of me a Social Media Scientist and this is my grand experiment. To help reach a conclusion to this experiment can you take some of the action items below and help me out?

Can you become a fan of my house on Facebook? I promise some sweet rewards for adding it.

Can you rate my space on HGTV? Their Beta looks sweet!

Can you rate my house on Leave me a question and I will answer it.

So what other Social Networking sites am I missing?  I would add myspace but that’s dead anyway. Does my house need a twitter account?  Let me know in the comments below. And please do take action! My house’s music video is coming soon as well.


  1. Check out When I search for your house, the listing doesn’t have photos… see or a price. I don’t think it allows you to post your house for sale, but the Trulia site has an interesting mix of real estate agents of all levels of experience and people looking to buy. I like the Q&A section.

  2. Dude myspace has 110 million users. Might be dead for self-labeled ‘trend-setters’ but for the rest of the world its the social media site de-rigeur. Thats right, I use french expressions to prove my point. Just to be sure I wiki’d it before including it in the comment so I know its correct. Don’t hate myspace because its old hat. Hate it because its ugly 🙂