Can ACS-TV be far behind?

From Wired:

Former Vice President Al Gore unveiled a new interactive cable TV
channel for the internet generation Monday that blends the immediacy of
video blogging with the voyeurism of reality TV.

Current TV, formerly known as
IndTV, will be launched Aug. 1 and will aim to combine the
interactivity of the internet with the couch-potato pleasures of TV.

The new channel will air short-form (15-second to 5-minute) news, arts and entertainment videos for 18- to 35-year-olds.

Audience members will be encouraged to not only watch but also shoot,
edit and upload their own bite-sized digital video segments to the
Current TV website. If the editors and web audience like the segments,
they will then be broadcast to the channel’s potential viewer pool of
19 million.

PREDICTION: With broadband reaching a critical mass the Net will rapidly shift from text-based to audio/video content. The ACS will eventually have its own web-based news channel. I’ve already got an anchor-person in mind…

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  1. I’m ready to run the anchor desk. Someone buy me a nice suit and a HD Camera and I will be ready to go.