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Cancer Tools Information Page

What better way to get you caught up on what we are doing presently,than show you what we have done in the past!? This is our original home on the Web and the only place you can still download CA-Tools 1.0. Take a look at it and let me know your thoughts and feelings on it. Before I go into what tools will be included this time I thought I would share our progress to date

Overall progress to date:
* $25,000 secured from NHO for 2.0 buildout in 2004-05
* ACS Staff Workgroup met in October with National Staff Lead to scope project
* TMA is releasing copyrights with caveot that TMA and POEP will be acknowledged for having created original version, we agreed to have someone officially serve as liason between two groups
* Bieberitz Software signed to build product
* XMS signed to build support Web Site and CD-Rom
* Draft of CA-Tools 2.0 content assembled
* Met with POEP on 1/16 and they are willing to help identify a few physician focus groups for pilot testing of 2.0. (External Testing)
* Plan to have this on the Health Science Advisory Committee Agenda for 2/13 to identify health professional volunteers willing to review content once onverted to PDA format. (Internal Testing)

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  1. No comments yet huh? That’s okay! We had our first group meeting last week and plan for our future conference calls to take place on the second Thursday’s of every month. You are all welcome to join. Here is the call info

    March 11th
    1:30pm Central Time
    Dial IN: 1-877-326-2337
    Conference ID : 5227967

  2. Thanks for opening it up. I’ve calendared it. Probably get the time wrong and end up, “where was you guys?”

  3. Haha that is what DID happen right David? Okay well maybe April??

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