Book Review " I'm on Facebook – Now What?"

I recently was asked to review the book "I’m on Facebook – Now What?" by some readers of the Blog. I asked the co-author Jesse Stay for a copy and he was kind enough to grant the request. So here is the review:

Overall this is a good overview of Facebook and how things work. The authors keep it very general but also do a deep dive into a couple of tough areas for Facebook n00bs including Applications, Etiquette, Searching, and how it compares with LinkedIN. These are extremely helpful even for Facebook veterans. They also get points for throwing in some non-profit tips as well.

Although it’s not a User Guide to Facebook I think the book needed more screenshots. Show us what an application looks like, show us what our inbox will look like, etc. I also think Jesse mentioned himself a little more than an author should. There were quite a few mentions of applications he had built and sold. I think that could of been saved for the blog. Also Scoble comes off a little…well…like Scoble by mentioning that "You can try and add me…but I’m already at 5,000 friends". Sheesh.

All in all if your brand new to Facebook I think the best thing to do is sign up and go for it. You can add the authors of this Blog. I guarantee none of us are at the 5,000 friend limit (well don’t add me, see tomorrows post) . If you see this book at your local library do check it out.

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  1. Thanks for the great review David! I appreciate the feedback as well.

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