Blogging from National Volunteer Health Associaton Conference

I presented today at the National Volunteer Health Assoication Conference on User Generated Content so I didn’t have a lot of time to post about it. However Elle Waters tweeted the whole thing so here is quick re-cap of the conference from her.

listening to talk on muscular
dystrophy association online chat rooms, in existence since 2000, wow!
way to get ahead of the curve







  93% of people with MS use a computer, 83% are daily users of the Internet, 88% have a high speed connection…



  National MS Society
about to present about new website design:



great presentation by March of Dimes, I love seeing non-profits
actually USING social networking, maybe we’ll all stop navel gazing yet




interesting slide presentation about page views tanking 2006-2008 on
traditional site design vs. UGC and social media all over the Internet from March of Dimes

Some stuff from my own observations is that the team from did a nice overview of what we are doing  on Facebook. The folks from Muscular Dystrophy are doing some cool video work around celebrities. Not relying on them too much but just enough.

It’s so nice to have non navel-gazing non-profits in one room discussing what works and what doesn’t.  We are all going out to dinner to discuss even more.

– Dave