Blog Radio

The technology exists and finally someone put together an RSS news aggregator and the Voice over IP technology and created the first blog radio. This internet radio station collects articles from blogs all over the net, transfers them into a text file, and then a VOIP software speaks them out over the internet stream.

We could program an ACS radio station and broadcast information and study pieces, announcements etcetera…

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  1. This is a keeper! What a trip! Some bursts are incomprehensible, but some are really easy to understand. Seems like a good test of writing clarity. I’ll bet the ones that you can understand when read by the software are also the ones that have the clearest grammar and presentation. In one all I heard was, “I couldn’t help myself. I just had to spank the monkey, and I spanked it to death!”

  2. Haha. Well Randy and David I am waiting to tune into the ACS frequency. What’s the shoutcast URL?

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