Blog For Hope Launches Today

Check out the Blog For Hope today and for the next 30 days.  It’s been a fun project to work on with Yahoo and my guess is, this will be the first of many Blogs for Hope (since it’s an off shot of their new Health Blogs section which focuses on an array of health concerns, they’ll probably tackle a Blog for Hope for AIDS, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, etc….just my guess though).

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  1. Lisa, I thinnk one of the strengths of blogs is the power of story telling. We’re in a good position because there are endless stories about cancer. You might be interested in this link about using stories and narrative in business:

  2. Great blog. I especially like the way you can roll your cursor over the people and click to see their blogs. I read Sam Donaldson’s and it appears several of those commenting are convinced someone is hiding cures for cancer. Sheesh!

  3. GlennR — probably a heightened response to the AP story earlier this weekend that there is a controversial cancer test for smokers….the interesting thing will be to watch and see if other bloggers (or someone from ACS) corrects the commenters.

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