Blog comments or not

The current conversation about the Washington Post’s decision to pull comments off a blog on its web site includes a CNet story saying the Post will now try to publish some of the comments sans the ones with offensive language. Editor Jim Brady says the Post tried to monitor the site, but it took too many people to keep up with comments. The CNET story quotes Brady, "We did that for four days (and) we had two people doing it full time.We’re trying to do a 24/7 news site. This particular one was just wearing on our resources too much." Brady also says that over the weekend, the Post will put back up the comments on the Howell blog entry that were within its decency standards and will begin searching for a way to proactively filter out comments that don’t meet those standards in the future.

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  1. Hmmm. Another lesson in blogging: the decency standards between the WP and the blog-o-sphere are different. I’d be curious to read just what freaked them out.

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