Bioaccumulation at SXSW

The final keynote of the Interactive part of SXSW was done by Wired columnist and author Bruce Sterling. He covered a variety of great topics from 3-D Object printers that could revolutionize mass production to the Bioaccumulation that makes us all part of our surroundings.

The cool part was it was he was not just spouting things off the top of his head. He brought real world examples. The coolest thing he brought with him was basic plastic materials that were actually printed off a 3-D printer in a bio-degradble starch based materials. One was an actual working door handle and the other was a working pivot joint. It was amazing that no completed machine was needed to make these, they were simply fabricated off a 3-D printer!

His thoughts on Bioaccumulation in humans were interesting as well. Basically he comments on how we are all bits of technology, car exhaust, shoes, sony walkmans etc, simply  by bioaccumulation. As they are used up in the enviroment we breathe them in and they enter our bloodstream and become part of our mineral compositon. Interesting stuff….

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  1. Yes, all the elements are byproducts or waste from stellar fusion. We’re just here as recycled…stuff.

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