Ah, I’ve been expecting this

In a speculative new mood last Jan. 1, I posted a list of WAGs (Wild A** Guesses) about what 2004 would bring. One was that people outside the US would try to influence the election. As the election approached and I saw no evidence of this I thought, “Well, you were wrong about that one.”

But now it is evident that efforts at influence are happening.

(See also: World Weighs in on U.S. Prez Race) 10/25

To me the idea that influence would be tried is a manifestation of all of the forces driving globalism, especially the internet. World affairs is theater-in-the-round. The internet is a tool to have an effect in the world not available ’til now. People are beginning to say, “Hey, the power-people have an effect on all of us. We want a say.”

No doubt the effort under way by the Guardian to influence the outcome in Ohio will backfire. But I think it is a meme—an emerging attitude—that will grow with time. As I said last January, nothing makes sense to me anymore outside of a global context. When a mainstream US institution like the American Cancer Society starts making international moves like we are now, you know globalism is a reality.

Last weekend we had a presentation at our annual meeting about the contacts the Society is establishing around the Pacific Rim. It was great.

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