Advanced Blogging for Non Profit Orgs: Who’s the Target

Here at the American Cancer Society High Plains we have been blogging for awhile. In fact we even have targeted blogs by state such as NebraskaHawaii, etc. On top of that we even have some of our larger cities Blogging such as Dallas, Houston and El Paso.

Now we have taken it to the next level and launched This blog provides news and information about the fight against cancer. The High Plains Division communications department provides regular updates to the blog.  Check out the special target that our new Blog tries to reach:

In the fight against cancer, sharing hope and community are important as news of the latest medical breakthroughs.  Thus, was created to serve as the central hub for cancer related news and information.  Jackie Bayly-Bryant, Vice President of Communication states, “Our site provides media and our constituents with localized cancer-related news from the American Cancer Society, High Plains Division which covers Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Hawaii.  It is the official voice of the High Plains Division of the American Cancer Society.”

Through the website, people will be able to read about cancer breakthroughs, stories of hope, the impact the Society is making in the fight against cancer and much more.  In regards to the benefits and future goals of, Bayly-Bryant wants the media and public to know “those who register can stay in touch with our division’s news and updates.  We will also provide links to our regional e-newsletters which offer a community-based focus on activities.” In addition, provides several links for readers to share stories and news through other social mediums such as Facebook and Twitter.

A part of the fight against cancer is awareness so it is our goal here at the American Cancer Society to provide accurate and timely information through against a disease that has already taken too much.

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