You tell them social media can change the world. Now show them how.

When you get a taste of the power of social media, your eyes grow wide and you become an Evangelist. The problem is, when you finally assume the famous Connie Reece Twitter prayer pose, the rest of the world responds with dirty looks.

Now, your reluctant old media friends have a compelling reason to jump into the fishbowl with you. Try as we might, Twitter is not the diving board.  For busy people not swimming in social networks, there is another option. What if you could educate family and friends about the transformative power of social media using just a few minutes of their time, and help a great cause in the process?

The fledgling site needs content. You, my beloved socmed friends, have the talent and the tools to help this site take flight by contributing to the cancer dialog. You don’t have to be a survivor – I haven’t met a single person whose life has not been touched in some way by cancer. Pull out your Flip camera or cell phone and just talk about those experiences. Turn your lenses on family and friends willing to share what they know about cancer. Show them how your toys accelerate conversations around a truly meaningful topic. Then, upload those efforts to

As you can see, I am not a video-blogger. GaryVee is in no danger of losing his day job to me. That’s not the point. With topics like cancer or the dangers of smoking, everyone has a story to tell, even camera-shy me.

If you believe social media can change the world, time to put your money where your big blogging mouths reside (I mean this with the utmost of admiration) and lend a lip to sharinghope. I was at SXSW Interactive – I know there is no shortage of talkers among you, and you’re always pointing those electronic thingies at someone!  How have you or your loved ones been affected by cancer? Please don’t comment here in writing – comment in words the cancer community can actually hear on

Looking forward to the <ahem> competition.  Dave, you owe me for this one:

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