Wow! IT in permanent decline?

InfoWorld: IT in permanent decline, execs worry: September 19, 2003: By : Platforms

Things are getting pessimistic! An Intel exec stated at an IT conference that the IT industry in the US may be heading into a state of permanent decline. Maybe that’s why Intel has just invested more money in a chip center in Western China. Here’s some attention-getting quotes:

In many regards, I think the restoration of the IT industry will not occur in the U.S. In fact, the U.S. IT industry may be flat to going down permanently,” said Pat Gelsinger, senior vice president and chief technology officer of Intel’s Corporate Technology Group.

Our education system has continued to deteriorate in that regard, which has further accentuated this weakness of the perception of the engineering industry.

Talent is worldwide, and you go to where the talent is.

That last remark is from a guy who lectured at the Accelerating Change Conference.

What’s this have to do with cancer? Well, the guts of science emerging around genomics, proteomics and systems biology is dependent on heavy mathematics and computation. IT is the infrastructure of modern life science. And besides, IMHO, every American should be concerned about country’s technological strength. It’s the backbone of commerce and power.

My motto: financial capital and intellectual capital co-locate.