World Poopin Day? WTF?

World Poopin’ Day (WPD) is a social media event to raise money and awareness for sanitation projecst worldwide. It was conceieved by Aaron Gotwalt, co-founder of CoTweet, to link the concept of “Poopin'” — a reference to the social media phenomenon of sending “poopin” messages through a friend’s Twitter or Facebook account when they’ve left their cell phone unattended — to a campaign for social good.

Participants sign up ahead of time at using their Twitter or Facebook account. On March 13, 2011 (during SXSW Interactive), their accounts will be randomly Poopin’d at some point during the day. Tweets/FB updates will contain a message with the hashtag #poopin and information highlighting issues of sanitation in the developing world. The site also includes an optional call to action to donate to GiveLove or, our nonprofit partners in the campaign.

So are you in during SXSW? I might be pooping. Right now! JK JK!

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