SXSW and Mobile Phones – Save your cell phone!

The Project:
SXSW is a massive event taking place in Austin, TX next week. The Interactive portion of the event will bring together tech, media and futurists together from around the world to discuss innovative around a variety of subjects. This year, health is going to be a focus (yay!). What better place to engage folks around donating their old mobile phones to a great cause. For those attending SXSW or attending in spirit – I want them to know about this fantastic project.

Where You Come In:
If you have an old mobile phone (or more!), please think about donating to the Hope Phones project. If you are attending SXSW, please bring your old mobile phones – there will be collection boxes at a few places near the Convention Center. I’ve created a nifty Google Form for you to enter information so that they can stay in touch. Most importantly, you will get an update on where in the world your donation has made an impact for community health. If  you sign up prior to or even during SXSW, we’ll make sure and send out a note on where you can drop off your phones. The team and I will also be popping up at various parties/events focused on health & social innovation (e.g. Good Capitalist Party, etc.).

Form Link:

Spread the Word:

Please spread the word however you can within your networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.). The project is also on Twitter as @hopephones. Stay tuned for a new website design and more from them!

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