Who is parked in the Driveway?

An interesting article about ‘wardriving’, the art of searching for free wireless internet access by driving around town with your laptop. With the advancement of new technology come the various attempts to regulate and preserve it. Consider that word of mouth says that you can walk almost anywhere in Manhattan NY, and find wireless internet.

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  1. Yeah. I don’t have Wi-Fi at home but I have been thinking about it. However, stories like this one give me pause. Gives me the creeps to think someone might tap into my connection. What’s that do to your performance? What if they do something really weird that attracts the FBI or something?

  2. I heard of one (nameless) division, whose office that uses wireless tech is next to a hotel. They reserve the rooms on the side of the hotel next to the office, so their travelling staff can tap into the connection.
    Our division is alittle hesitant about moving to wireless until we are more comfortable with the security issues.

  3. p.s. I have a wi-fi network at home and it’s great.

  4. Hey guys,

    Wi-fi security is truly important. One of the easiest hacks to a wifi system is the well know “user” “admin” hack where the router user name and password are left at factory defaults (for Linksys is user admin).

    My recomendation to anyone using a wi-fi system in a populated area is to upgrade their router firmware to the newer WPA standard and enable public key encryption. 64 bit is usually sufficient (no need for overkill).

    I would love to see wi-fi at Relay allowing seamless connection to online fundraising as well as pushing updated fundraising scores from the ACS relationship manager that is counting the money.

    Skys the limit.

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