Web 2.0 tools and the enterprise

Last night I attended a lecture in San Francisco by J. Craig Venter–perhaps the highest profile proponent of synthetic biology around–at an event sponsored by The Long Now  Foundation. (More about what Venter had to say later.) While standing in line to get in I met a guy named Robert Cormia, a faculty member at Foothill College. We got to talking about web 2.0 things, and he alerted me to a series of lectures going on at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) about web 2.0 and beyond. Parcforum_beyondweb_2

Specifically, he suggested watching or listening to a presentation made back in November 2007 by Ross Mayfield, the CEO of SocialText, titled "Made of People." I listened this morning and found that it’s a great piece about how organizations work and why web 2.0 tools succeed in some cases and not in others. He also has opinions about how web 2.0 tools and the generation receptive to them will impact the enterprise in the future. It’s a good guide to thinking about what you’d need to do to have a Wiki work in ACS or somewhere. And here’s a link to the archive with the rest of their series.

Thanks, Robert.