We fought City Hall and We Won!

I am an active member in Open Austin which has been working to re-do the City of Austin’s Web Site. Check out our latest FTW.

Two RFPs will be released for the City’s website.  The first one is to do a gap analysis and determine the requirements for the City’s new site.  The second RFP is for the actual implementation of the site.  Here is an excerpt from the Austin Go Blog:

“AustinGO will release a new RFP on Monday, July 27, 2009. The new RFP is the result of invaluable outreach and feedback from the Austin community and industry experts. Community involvement has been an enormous help in developing a scope of work that is more realistic and efficient for a project of this size. The key takeaway for us in this process was the advice to split the project into more than one RFP. We have decided to release two.

The RFP that will be released Monday seeks organizations that can focus on providing a gap assessment of the City Web Portal initiative, recommendations for information and technical architecture and design concepts. The second RFP will be released following the completion of the first and will focus on the technology and implementation portion of the project. The scope of the second will be defined by the findings of the first, an approach that will provide a more detailed picture of specific requirements we need and allow vendors greater opportunity to participate in the project.”

You can read the full statement here: