Want to be a part of the Civic X Accelerator? Now’s the time.

I’m excited to share that our friend at the Civic X Accelerator (where I mentor) are NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS for the Spring 2016 Civic Accelerator program – a 10-week national startup boot camp and investment fund to support the most promising civic ventures in the country. Here’s the question they are asking:

How might we accelerate technology adoption & financial inclusion for all to succeed in the digital economy?

The potential solutions are many. From interventions in access to financial services and technology tools, to digital skills and financial literacy, we are interested in exploring a range of solutions and approaches together. We’re looking for innovative technologies, platforms, and other models that increase opportunities for the underserved, underbanked and underemployed.

The application is open early for your network from Jan. 12 – Feb. 26 (officially launches Jan. 18). Below is how you can help us recruit and select amazing teams:

1.)    Please nominate ventures that you feel are a good fit for the Civic Accelerator Cohort 7.

2.)    Please share this with your networks –social media, newsletters, etc.

3.)    The early bird deadline and no application fee ends on 2/5 ($35 after 2/5)- spread the word!

We hope you are able to nominate ventures, promote the Cohort 7 application, and/or forward on to someone you think might be interested.  Once the cohort is selected in mid-March, we will reach out with more details about this year’s mentoring opportunities.

So who’s in? Please contact me directly and I will get you in touch!

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