Vlogging growing

With broadband and consumer-based content increasing some are taking the next step: video blogging (aka, vlogging). A certain amount has to do with evolving technology, but another important aspect is the spirit of roll-your-own expression. Today’s Wired news says:

"We’re going from being media consumers to media makers. We’re learning how to do that," said Chuck Olsen, a documentary filmmaker and video blogger in Minnesota. "There’s sort of a whole continuum between (videotaping) grandpa’s birthday and filmmaking."

Anyone can "create media and have a distribution outlet for it that
bypasses television and mainstream media," Olsen said. "It’s like
slightly curated cable-access."

"When you have Hollywood and major media as a filter, they’re going to
do what appeals to millions rather than thousands," Sharp said. "It’s
just not cost-effective for them to produce a show about the didgeridoo
(for example). That’s what the internet has changed — you can find
stuff and market it ridiculously cheaply."

Again I say it’s time to explore ACS-TV. Or maybe just do a couple of v-posts here on ol’ FISpace.