Update on Greater China from June

Try as I might I can’t get June Chan into the habit of blogging on FISpace, so here’s June’s report by proxy.

Dear Colleagues, here’s the latest update of Greater China activities.
Best wishes, June

·    The pilot translation project with the Hope Society in Taiwan is
in progress.  Currently, all five ACS materials had been translated and
is now under review by their volunteers.  Once the review in Taiwan has
been done, NCCU will start the review process in the U.S.  After the
pilot project is completed, we will conduct an evaluation of this
process and determine next steps with our staff and volunteers.
·    The pilot translation project with the Chinese Anti-Cancer
Association has been on hold due to copyright issues.  Currently our
publishing department is working out the legal aspects and until then,
we cannot start the translation process.

Breast Cancer Screening:
·    An expert ACS Delegation of twelve went to Beijing February 20-27 to conduct on site assessment for the One Million Women Mammography Project.  An official report and recommendation had be presented to Dr. Seffrin & Dr. Xu Guang-wei, President of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association.  Approved by Dr. Seffrin and Dr. Sener, President of ACS, The Society is serving as a technical consultant & trainer in this project, which is scheduled for 2005-2010 and is the largest breast screening study ever held. The results of the study will establish national screening guidelines for breast cancer in China and provide important insight on detecting and treating breast cancer for the medical community throughout the world.
·    The Chinese Anti-Cancer Association invited National President Steve Sener, MD, to represent the ACS at the inauguration ceremony of the Million Women Breast Cancer Screening Project. Over 200 guests and many members of the Chinese press attended this ceremony held in the Great Hall of the People that included Ms. Gu Xiu Lian, Deputy Director of the People’s National Congress and Chairwoman of the Chinese National Women’s Federation; Ms. Zhang Mei Ying, Vice Chair of the National Party; top dignitaries from China’s Ministry of Health; and representatives from the China CDC and the China Association for Science and Technology. Outside of the ceremony was a mobile breast screening van to promote the project and breast cancer awareness.
·    Dr. Steve Sener, President of ACS has been invited by the Beijing Cancer Hospital to bring his surgical team to Beijing as guest trainer.  This important technical exchange will take place in September 2005.

Tobacco Control:
·    We are seeking funding to support the pilot physician cessation clinic in Shanghai and Beijing.  The key partners for this project are the China CDC and the H.K. University.  The proposed starting date for this project is end of 2005 or early 2006.
·    ACS is working closely with China CDC and the U.S. NCI on the development & launch of five workshops targeting high-level government officials from Agriculture, Health, Finance, Education & other Ministries as appropriate.  The proposed first workshop will be launched in October 2005.

·    Supported by Pfizer China, weeks long ACSU will take place September 4-10, 2005 in Beijing.  About 50 scholars from across China will be invited to attend.  Faculty will include six Chinese (all from China) and four Americans. All modules will be translated and tailored for China and majority of the sessions will be conducted in Chinese.  A total of $70,000 will be available as seed grants.
·    Negotiation is underway with the Bureau of Health Promotion in Taiwan and Johnson & Johnson Taiwan, Ltd. to fund a tailored ACSU in Taiwan in 2006.

·    The Hong Kong Cancer Fund is planning to launch their first RFL in Hong Kong this year.
·    The Hope Society in Taiwan will host the 2nd Taiwan RFL in 2006.  The Taiwan Cancer Society and the Formosa Cancer Foundation will join this event as partners.