TXT/SMS Strategy for American Cancer Society

TXT to Give

TXT to Give

So this Blog is not about just asking questions. It’s about sharing what works and what doesn’t. So not a lot of you shared your TXT/SMS strategy just yet. So let me get you started. Here in the American Cancer Society High Plains land we have some TXT/SMS campaigns I want to tell you about.

The main one is around TXT 2 Give. It’s simple. You love our cause. You want to donate on your cell phone. We make that happen. The main way is through giving to our largest event, Relay For Life. You are at the event and love what you see. You walk the track and see a banner or sign with instructions and you give on your cell phone a micro amount. $5.00 0r $10.00. All this is powered by the Mobile Giving Foundation. The downside is right now the  money goes to the general fund and not to your specific team or event. So that is what we are doing. How are you using it? Are you using the Mobile Giving Foundation? Working with ATT? Spill it. I did.


  1. Hi,
    How do you steward and convert these donors once you have brought them on board with their $5 or $10 gift? Are they responsive to live phone solicitation?

  2. Good question. That is the big question right now. Once they donate what do we do with the data from the Mobile Giving Foundation. I don’t think they want calls from us. I do think they wouldn’t mind future txts around the even they donated.

  3. It’s a great question indeed. The technology is really new, and so a lot is being done to improve and help nonprofits steward them. There should be a lot of great things coming out of this service soon.