Twitter And Its Many Uses

At the National Volunteer Health Agency conference in Atlanta last week, one of the presentations dealt with Twitter, the micro-blog you can use to inform your friends of what you’re doing. Twitter is so new that those agencies in attendance still couldn’t figure out if it could help them in accomplishing their missions.

If you’re wondering if Twitter can help your agency, check out the different tips offered by Typepad Hacks, then read the follow up post where readers submitted their ideas. These posts were not focused on non profit usage, so it’s up to us to determine if it will be useful.

If you come up with an idea, please post it in the comments here.


  1. I think agencies may struggle for a while to find strategies for using Twitter that are more worthwhile than their current efforts. However, I think it’s a great tool for listening to what other people, constituents and organizations are saying online. I often run across ideas and discussions I don’t catch anywhere else online.

  2. Ummm Glenn? Your forgot to list your twitter address? Mine is @daveiam if you are interested!

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