A few months ago I mentioned TunA, a Bluetooth enabled MP3 player that allows users in close proximity to trade songs via the Bluetooth radio frequency. I also suggested that this technology could become a hot way to meet people in dense populated areas such as subways and conferences. Both of these bold predictions came true.

In Great Brittan people are using the Bluetooth technology to find dates while on the tube trains. There is even a weblog dedicated to the phenomenon now called ‘Toothing’.

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  1. “Dates” on the train? That’s a euphemism from what I hear. Oh, those wacky Brits.

  2. So where is my BlueTooth Ipod? But forget streaming songs I want good old fashioned trading of songs. As in I will trade you my Van Halen – Hot for Teacher for that Radiohead – Karma Police. Is that RIAA sirens I hear in the distance?