Tipping-point yet?

CNET News has an article on how quickly the ability to deliver TV-like content over either the internet or TV is converging.

Slowly but surely, content that’s broadcast over cable networks and through satellite providers is being distributed through the public Internet. In terms of the technology, all the elements are falling into place to
deliver high-quality video from the Net directly to viewers in their
living rooms. Software has been developed to ensure the quality of
video distributed over the Net. And companies such as Microsoft and
Cisco Systems’ Linksys home division are developing products that
enable Internet video to be viewed on TV sets instead of only on PC

So the technology for internet/TV is about there. What’s the hangup? Control of copyright and threats to traditional business models, naturally.

"Producers of content want as many forms of distribution as they can
get to reach their audience," said Vito Palermo, founder of a start-up
called Portola Networks, which is in the early days of developing
technology for content providers to manage the distribution of their
content over the Web. "They would love to cut out the middlemen, but
the economics must be compelling. Technology is an enabler, but there
are a lot of other dynamics around consumer behavior and the business
model that need to be in place first."

Just another reason for the media moguls to sweat.


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