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Time for a Career Change?

Well the good news is we have zero laser jet printers in the office. And the other good news for you is that I’m hiring. You see, excitement is building around brands and large nonprofits adopting test and learn culture. Here at Clearhead I see that spark igniting in the eyes of clients we work with weekly here in the U.S. and abroad. They are starting to see how viewing everything as an experiment really works, how there can be a unifying method to test their problems, and how those two seemingly small strategies start to drive data-driven decision making.

However, as you imagine, there are some challenges. And that’s why I’m hiring smart people to help solve those challenges through our Accelerator program. 

We are looking for an experienced “digital first” senior consultant who will be working on our client-facing, executive strategy focused, Accelerator program.

Your Day

  • Work to solve some of our clients toughest digital (and non-digital) issues around making their culture data-driven, and instill those test-and-learn practices across their entire organization. We believe everything is an experiment and want to pass that knowledge on to our clients.
  • Contribute to a variety of Accelerator projects. This includes creating digital strategy blueprints, process playbooks, hosting strategy workshops, documenting and improving team workflows, organizational design, training and education programs and more!
  • Your work will include defining objectives; goals and desired outcomes; writing discussion guides and surveys to assess problems and readiness; interviewing clients, then synthesizing and prioritizing problems, reading out those themes to executives and coaching them on what comes next.
  • You’ll solve problems through training, process change, workflow mapping, playbook creation, strategy creation and more.
  • Collaborate with a whip-smart team of optimization directors, graphic and user experience designers, data analysts, and project managers, to deliver on Accelerator projects.
  • Confidently interact with Fortune 1000 brands and executives, helping drive our projects forward while simultaneously maintaining the ability to defend ideas/point of views to clients, team members and business leaders. The essence of consulting is debate!
  • Work alongside me and the VP of Sales to establish SOWs, timelines and commitments for each client.
  • Evangelize program success and ensure our Clients see us as trusted advisors.
  • If we’re doing our job right, consultants play a big role in contributing to client renewals and sales wins.

If you want to learn more and apply, jump on over to this link. Or just keep on keeping on at your current job.