The SNS backlash begins

There was an inevitable backlash against social networking systems. They are too good not to become a target and one of the most popular sites, Friendster, has become the target of this very funny parody site.

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  1. I read an article the other day that said that social websites were wondering if peopole are going to stay with them. There’s the “been-there, done that” effect setting in. I think the same thing with blogs. It reminds me that the killer-app of the Net is it’s sheer ability to provide people with the ability to communicate with each other and to provide seeming endless new and novel ways to do it. There is constant morphological change in what people do with it. If you look at something like Friendster it seems to me it’s like taking a single frame out of a movie. There’s a constant “what’s next?” quality to the Net, and there’s always something next. Seems to me people have to decide what things they want to play in now and which they want to wait and see what shakes out. Which movies do you go see in the theater and which do you wait for the DVD?

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