The biotech biggie

Yesterday the California Division Life Science Industry Work
Group visited the Advocacy Relations department of Genentech. The company has a
department that works with “patient advocacy” groups around their products.
They have a person who works with cancer advocacy groups related to the
oncology products it has on the market and in development. The groups help them
understand patient issues which can lead to more viable clinical trial
protocols. The American Cancer Society has not been involved with Genentech or
any other company in that way, but we learned more about how it works. I think
there are other dimensions in which the Society and life science companies can
work together to benefit each other and the common interest in cancer therapies.
At least we’re exploring it.

I didn’t know how big and sprawling the Genentech “campus”
is. We met in building 32; that’s a clue about how much real estate the company
has on San Francisco Bay. A lot of great views.