The 400 Wealthiest People in the World

Forbes Magazine lists the 400 wealthiest in the world with 98 from California and 49 from New York City.

There are 45 new people on the list. You can start with <> or go directly to the site and look up the people by their location. Download rl04land1.html

Are you going to talk to these people? You should.

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  1. The Web Site above also lists where the 4oo gave to charity. Click on that item and you will see that millions have been given away without a mention of the American Cancer Society. Are we missing something here? Ed

  2. I do think we haven’t succeeded with the rich and we need to. We’ve tried, but we’re still struggling as evidenced by the article you referenced. The question I have is if an organization that is middle-class to the bone can succeed with the truly rich. They say “the rich are different.” I wouldn’t know; I don’t know anybody in that class. Actually, I do. There’s one volunteer in my division who was very active years ago who probably is on that list or has been in the past. But the relationship went sour and nobody’s been able to revive it.

  3. I know the person you speak of. Someone could make amends? She is not too different from the rest of us.

    I think that our Foundation could hit on some of those people. In Califonia the are 98 from that list. If gived time, some of them could be converted, I am sure of it.