Technology Innovation Award

I am please to let you all know that I was nominated for, and won the National Human Service Assembly award for Excellence in Technology Innovation. Jerry Paffendorf
was nice enough to nominate me for our work on the Second Life Relay
For Life. I am especially excited that I will have an opportunity to
address the assembly, which is made up of the nation’s largest human
services centered non-profits, and I plan on drawing their attention to
the possibilities that the virtual space and virtual communities hold.
More importantly I gives me an opportunity to promote the SL Relay to a
whole new community. 

My one fear is a deluge of charity
events in a community that may not want them.  That is what I think is
so special about the Relay For Life, it is a community driven event.
So long as there is grass roots support I fell events like these will
be welcome and well supported.

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  1. Has ACS ever considered accepting online advertising?

  2. Congratulations on the award!

    I think you’re right: if it is members of a community (whether the community is online/virtual or face-to-face) who are promoting a fundraising event to other members–rather than a “top-down” approach in which the community’s creator(s) or administrator is pushing it–there won’t be as much of a backlash against raising funds in this new way. It will also help if various charities with similar missions pay attention to and support each other’s virtual-community efforts, rather than trying to compete with each other.

  3. Good work, dude! Kudos to Mike for letting you our of your cage.

  4. You’re right Amy. Bottom-up is the way to build community. But have we forgotten how to do that?