Social-Networking Sites Catch Eyes of Employers

On Community Mobilization I talk more about the WSJ article on hiring managers, university enrollment officers, and maybe even Homeland Security people prying into the social networking sites to draw additional information about candidates for jobs, admission etc.   We forget that what we put into the public space is public and can be searchable alter on by just about anyone.  Moreover what others say about us goes on our permanent record.  It is a clear reminder that there is no privacy period and that decisions about us may soon be made not only on our merits but on the comments of others about us.

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  1. Yes, when you say something on the Net you have to be ready for it to pop up anywhere, anytime. It seems we’re in a big social experiment about what the upside and down are of being open. Bloggers are testing to see if the consequences of posting are beneficial or not. I’ve resisted joining social networks because I’m paranoid about government surveillance. Who knows who you’re only a couple of jumps removed from? Guilt or at least suspicion by association is a risk. Those who are really “out there” in the blog-o-sphere have, I guess, faith that the net result will be positive.