Social Circles … lots of circles

Another step in a new direction Social Software … the ability to graphically display people’s connections with each other via the e-mails they send each other over a mailing list. This is a powerful tool, one that may be useful if we ACS can use it to identify the existing relationships specifically with regards to our mailing lists and bulletin boards such as CSN.

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  1. Well, how about putting in names from the Siebel system and seeing who’g got friends? We’ve known from experience that some people are better “connected” than others. Some volunteers are hubs of connections. Now there’s a whole science about “scale-free” networks that applies to social networks, computer networks and chemical networks in cells. Some people are better to get to know than others.

  2. Clearly that is the point. This takes what Siebel is and making it usefull, but using data outside of the Siebel system. Data that the individuals may not want to give, or that the individuals may not even know is usefull.

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