SNS Decentralized

This article is a look at the process and prospectus of a decentralized social software scheme. The author wants individuals to design their own profiles, and host them locally. This eliminates the feeling that the social software sites are forcing profiles to fit into a mold. The connectivity of the new system comes in the form of a search function that will seek out and establish links. All in all a very unique idea.

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  1. Yeah, looks for some good ideas for a better system. But I have to say the thing that stops me with these social things is a lack of trust. I have the growing feeling that if you are open and put stuff on the Net it will come back to bite you in the butt. Big Brother (TIA is not dead; it has just morphed into other things), marketers, spamers, scamers, etc. The Net has gone beyond the innocent “village” phase and is entering the mean streets of the big city. We need cloaks, masks, shields, avatars just to do anything.