Smart pens aim for better health

(This was posted on our Division Innovation Center by Karen Randall)

Smart pens aim for better health

pretty straightforward…

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  1. Well, they need something. My wife who works for a hospice told me last night about a situation they heard of recently where a woman was being treated in a local HMO for breast cancer. Problem was she didn’t really have cancer, and another woman who really was diagnosed was out somewhere unaware of the diagnosis. Mistake of having the same name.

  2. that’s terrible… reminds me of an experience my family just finished going through last month. My sister-in-law (in her mid 40s) was diagnosed with leukemia that had metastacized. After the initial shock waves went through our family, she overdosed, was rushed to emergency, heart re-started, etc. Later, when we flew her to NYC for more tests – turns out she has anemia, not leukemia…

  3. Un-believable!!