Selling My House the Social Media Way – Part Eight

So right now my house is being painted. And you know how that happened? Not using the yellowpages for sure. Here’s the scoop on the Social Media aspect of painitng.  I know Michell Greer (@michellegreer) in fact I helped organize a tweet up blood drive with her (social media for social good and all that). However recently she told me “No more free stuff dude“, which although it saddens me I completly understand. She has bills to pay. However on the side she helps Burmese refugees.

So even though she pretends to be hardcore business lady she thought how can I help? So she asked if she could train the Burmese folks to paint my house. This way I pay a fair price, she helps people, and they learn a skill they can use here in Austin, TX.

So far social media is working people…..believe!


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