RT2 Give Technology Review

When I initially heard about TwitPay’s RT2Give I thought it was a cool concept that my nonprofit’s followers might dig….however…that quickly proved to not be the case.

I put off signing up for RT2Give for quite awhile for Lights. Camera. Help. (LCH) using the normal nonprofit excuses of time, thought and money. However LCH got our act together in Jan and met with the super friendly and helpful staff from RT2Give. A major plus here is their great customer service. Here is how the service works:

RT2Give is a simple, secure system enabling your supporters to make incremental donations to your cause. Even better, Twitpay makes it easy for your supporters to pass along your appeal to their network of friends and followers, potentially multiplying the impact of your initial message many times over.

So once we started our TwentyForTech campaign on Dec 9th of 2010, RT2Give was also kind enough to RT it for us a couple of times, however we sent this message out to our 8,000+ followers over 30 times between @daveiam and @NPFilm and got a total of 6 ReTweets for the month. Out of those 0 people actually paid on their donation. Here was the tweet we used:

The main reason this campaign failed? People ignored the DM they got after RTing it. And there was no other follow up for them to donate. Also the other downfall is the amount of info donors are required to give. More on that here. So not only is it hard to miss the payment info, it’s hard to register and pay on top of all that. All this comes together to make RT2Give just not a good way to fundraise on Twitter.

What do you think? Was our tweet worded wrong? Was our audience not big enough? Your thoughts?